XDeep SMB closed, 90 cm long, Orange


Helppokäyttöinen ja laadukas pintapoiju heijastinnauhalla takaa näkyvyyden pitkän matkan päähän, myös pimeässä. Täyttö joko liivintäyttöletkulla tai oraalisesti.

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This XDeep Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) includes an OPRV, oral / BCD hose inflator and chemical light stick holder.

A closed SMB is often preferred as an emergency source of buoyancy both on the surface and underwater.  The xDeep closed SMB includes a BCD hose inflator connector (with metal connector) which can also be orally inflated.  The SMB has a dump valve / Over Pressure Relief Valve (OPRV) which prevents damage from over-pressure if deployed from depth, also the buoyancy can be adjusted like a BCD if used as an emergency buoyancy source.

Size: 90cm long and 20cm wide

90 cm of perfect visibility.  An SMB must be visible at a long distance. The bright colour of the XDeep SMB is clearly visible even during unfavorable weather conditions. SMBs are not advertising banners, therefore the buoy material is free from big logos to make the bright-coloured surface as large as possible.

Visible at night and at very long distances. The XDeep SMB is equipped with a special 3M Scotchlite reflective tape with a SOLAS maritime visibility certificate.  This perfect fluorescent material guarantees that your buoy will be visible at a very long distance.  It is especially important at sea where at night it is very difficult to make out something as small as a surface marker buoy.

Easy to access. The lower part of the SMB is equipped with a shock cord loop to hold the rolled up buoy.  This allows you to access the SMB and open it quickly when it is needed.

Easy to deploy.  The lower loop in the XDeep SMB is stitched to maintain a round shape, which makes it easier to place a spool through or to clip a bolt snap (not included).

Space for a chemical light or message. The upper part of the SMB has a transparent holder for a chemical light stick or a paper with information for a surface support team – the perfect solution when you want to pass a message while staying at a deco stop.

Top quality fabric from the USA.  The XDeep SMB is made of high quality fabric, Nylon 240 dTEX, made in the USA and destined for application in maritime signalling equipment and life jackets.  In production, a special colouring process ensures that the material is more resistant to colour-fading in salty water.

Anti-bacterial coating.  A wet environment inside SMBs is an ideal place for bacteria growth.  Like XDeep’s BC wings, antibiotic protection has been applied to the shell of the SMBs to prevent the development of micro-organisms.